David de Groot's photos

  • The Story Bridge in Red, White & Blue

    In honour of the USS George Washington's 5 day stay in the port of Brisbane, the Lord Mayor designated that the bridge be lit Red, White and Blue. I popped out with Dad to shoot it and came away with this panorama.

  • Fingal Rocks

    This morning we had a combined meetup at Fingal Heads for a dawn shoot. This is one of many shots of these rocks I took this morning. It was truly awe inspiring watching the waves rush into the gap and spray over the lower rocks on the left.An experience…

  • Main Falls - Cedar Creek

    Today I ventured far up Cedar Creek, scrambling over rocks, through thorny plants and mud to reach a once very frequented waterhole and waterfall that has been closed to the public for about 10 years. This is the scene that greeted me when I got there.

  • Rushing Waters

    We've had quite a bit of rain recently (9 inches over two days) - very unseasonable. Anyway, I trundled down to the creek a couple of days after the rain stopped and took a few shots, this being one of them.

  • Brisbane City Skyscrapers

    Before the dawn this morning at the pre-PMA dawn shoot meetup.

  • Lindsay-Anne on the stairs

    Shot at an abandoned mental health facility. Somewhat retouched shot that originall had Glen's head on the right, and a distracting railing on the left. One of many where the background lights didn't go off for me, so a classic b&w look was the go.

  • Melanie

    Strobist Info: Nikon SB-28 into home made ring light (made by Ben Hew). 50mm lens at f/5, 1/200, iso 100. Melanie was a fantastic model (as were all our models), and the last of three our group shot.

  • Astrid

    Playing around with a red gelled flash in the background and ringlight foreground in a tunnel at Fort Lytton.

  • Ringlight reflection

    Testing out Ben's ringlight, I got in close with the macro lens and came away with this shot.

  • Aft

    HMAS/HMQS Gayundah wreck at Woody Point, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

  • Flooded

    As dawn broke, the wreck of the Gayundah was bathed in a wonderful warm light. It's flooded bowels protuding from the stilled bay in memory of what it once was. Flooded is for sale as a Framed, Mounted or Laminated print at RedBubble.

  • Here's looking at you kid...

    Our resident Carpet Python was on the driveway when we got home today, so I grabbed the camera with macro lens and dived out of the truck to grab some shots. He was about 8 inches away at this point. Eventually he got curious enough to almost lick the…

  • Female Rhinoceros Beetle

    Xylotrupes Gideon. Found on my veranda (not dead). Lit by two flashes, one Vivitar 285HV to camera left, at 1/16th power. One Canon 188a to camera right and behind subject for cross-lighting.

  • View over Cedar Creek in Infrared

    Infrared Panorama taken from near Mt Samson Rd, Cedar Creek. 3 exposures (f/5.6, 1min 25sec, iso100) stitched with Hugin, red/blue channel swap done with Photoshop to obtain blue toned sky.

  • Pre-Dawn Shorncliffe Pier

    We arrived at Shorncliffe early and thus wandered up the pier to see what we could see. (RedBubble/Flickr/BrisbanePhotography.co m combined Meetup) Pre-Dawn Shorncliffe Pier is available as a framed, mounted or laminated print on RedBubble.

  • Mini-Dunes

    Shorncliffe foreshore. Goes with this picture by garbz.

  • Fire in the Sky

    Dawn from Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

  • Guarding the entrance

    Spider Ant. Formicidae Leptomyrmex Formicinae. Not quite as sharp as I would have liked, but you still get the idea. This guy and a couple of his mates were carefully guarding the entrance to their nest so I didn't want to be seen as intruding too…

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