The poetry of the earth is never dead. - John Keats

Halcyon Days

Was there a Garden or was the Garden a dream? Amid the fleeting light, I have slowed myself and queried, Almost for consolation, if the bygone period Over which this Adam, wretched now, once reigned supreme, Might not have been just a magical illusion Of that God I dreamed. Already it's imprecise In my memory, the clear Paradise, But I know it exists, in flower and profusion, Although not for me. My punishment for life Is the stubborn earth with the incestuous strife Of Cains and Abels and their brood; I await no pardon. Yet, it's much to have loved, to have known true joy, To have had -- if only for just one day -- The experience of touching the living Garden. - Jorge Luis Borges

The Summer Palace, Lhasa

Norbulingka, The Jewelled Park, served as the traditional summer residence of the successive Dalai Lamas from the 1780s up until the Chinese takeover in the 1950s.

Hebridean Black House

When wintry winds are no more heard, And joy's in every bosom, When summer sings in every bird, And shines in every blossom, When happy twilight hours are long, Come home, my love, and think no wrong! When berries gleam above the stream And half the fields are yellow, Come back to me, my joyous dream, The world hath not thy fellow! And I will make thee Queen among The Queens of summer and of song. - Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

Don't Jump!

Sarah in the upper Yangtse near Shangri-La!


The Ghost City

Urbanism I


Making Bread ...

... a delightful weekend in France ... now I know how to make bread properly!


... in a cinema near you.
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