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02 Dec 2006

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Life is a Miracle

My favourite film. By Emir Kusturica. Check it out. Review here:

16 Nov 2005

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sunlight leaves

nature's stained glass

20 Jan 2006

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In the beginning ...


15 Jun 2007

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welcome to Planet Shiki

17 Sep 2006

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Styling Nature#2

transforming perception

25 Mar 2007

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"The great god, Maheshvara, never delights with a wife distinct from his own self ... The joy within him is called the Goddess." Kurma Purana, quoted in Stella Kramrisch, 1981

05 Sep 2007

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You speak of Lord Byron and me; there is this great difference between us. He describes what he sees I describe what I imagine. Mine is the hardest task. John Keats

28 Aug 2007

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Interstitial Complexes

Rate constants for the radiation decomposition of interstitial complexes are temperature independent and depend only on the neutron flux and the cross section of the complex. Rate constants for the radiation formation reactions of interstitial complexes all have the same temperature dependence. The results are consistent with the model described in other work in which immobile interstitial complexes are assumed to interact by addition and removal of mobile single interstitials. - Don't even try to understand, just enjoy the crystalline beauty :)

01 Sep 2006

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The expectation of the new day.
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