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SOUL'S joy, now I am gone,
And you alone,
—Which cannot be,
Since I must leave myself with thee,
And carry thee with me—
Yet when unto our eyes
Absence denies
Each other's sight,
And makes to us a constant night,
When others change to light ;
O give no way to grief,
But let belief
Of mutual love
This wonder to the vulgar prove,
Our bodies, not we move.

Let not thy wit beweep
Words but sense deep ;
For when we miss
By distance our hope's joining bliss,
Even then our souls shall kiss ;
Fools have no means to meet,
But by their feet ;
Why should our clay
Over our spirits so much sway,
To tie us to that way?

- by John Donne

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 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
oh I LOVE me some John Donne!
and lovely pic btw :-)
13 years ago.
Shi* club
has replied to Sherry ~ Rebujito
If there is one thing better than a poet, it is a metaphysical poet! Glad you share my Marvell-ous Donne-ish Love(lace) of these souls! A big metaphysical hug! :)
13 years ago.
 Christel Ehretsmann
Christel Ehretsmann club
as if love was as cosy and confident as the love those two evanescent loving "chairs" could feel and share in that craddle like boat..(in the very bosom of Woman) .
Your photograph perfectly sticks to the poem. As if there was no need of any body at all to feel love beyond absence and separation. Mutual love is the answer
13 years ago.
Shi* club
has replied to Christel Ehretsmann club
Elegy. Time filters memory. There was a gravestone in a cemetery near where I used to live. It read, 'I once stood there as you stand now'. Powerful in that context. This is the memory of love's presence. There are many possible stories of why the lover's are no longer there together in the implicit remembered moment. I love that feeling a happily sad nostalgia, autumnal.

Love can be many things - 'my father's house has many rooms', to subvert that text, and love at a distance has its own flavour, often sweet, sometimes bitter. Mutual love is always the answer, yes.
13 years ago.
after all all the branches are naked and we are allone...
13 years ago.
Shi* club
has replied to gin_able
The last sequence in Cimino's 'Heaven's Gate' captures this perfectly for me. Solitude, love remembered ... after the summer, approaching the winter of existence.
13 years ago.
 Armando Taborda
Armando Taborda club
This lament for a deceased love is remenbered through the empty armchairs face to forever light, Dave! Great poem for a great graphic memorial!
13 years ago.
Shi* club
has replied to Armando Taborda club
It was in a marvellous park and garden too, Armando! I am sure that you would have loved the elegant decay of the place, very Romantick!
13 years ago.
and here come the time of waiting .. alchemy philosopher for a love of love,
13 years ago.
Shi* club
has replied to feelin
... all things must pass, even waiting ... mercurial, changing, metaphysik
13 years ago.

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