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Your country is very well known, and I hear a lot .. You have a large border with Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and chili .. But I do not live in mal.Vous I know are better placed than me to know ..!

As you well know, length of life depends on the species and the environment .. ca differt from one species to another .. Pazr exemlple for Condore in captivity we lived in Algeria has more than 80 years .. but often it is said that

it is small and more spide (hummingbird has stalled for example) over his heart beats faster and he died young, unlike most big and it is very active (eg vulture hovering) over old will live ...
but after seeing species subspecies (see individuals) echapent to the rule ... what is my life said that péroquet the oldest in the world is the Blue-fronted Amazon, it could wait century ... but I do not know of cases like the ... the real case to my knowledge is peroquet of Churchill that was found recently in a zoo in England have more than 80 years old today ... and continurait to dir "I **** itler" ... they have long memories our friends the birds .... not like some of our fellow human beings!
Also a big factor ... Eats its rich and balanced, well-being, the abscence of predators, and like everyone else ... diseases and pests!

Alisa good week dear ..!
6 years ago.

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