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  • Springtime feelings 36321 colourful sunset

    Too much time without a sunset ;-))

  • Monochrome summer 37487 hay fields

    Better seen large

  • Colourful summer 37599 haybale detail HDR

    I'm preparing to leave the site for over a week, away from keyboard but not form camera ;-) Have a fantastic weekend, my friends

  • Springtime feelings 36476 last day of spring

    This is from my first day with the fabulous Canon EF 50f1.8. Today I'm a little bit melancholic and this melancholic ballad from Prince goes very well with this shot and my feelings: I will be away from keyboard for a dozen of days: bye bye ;-)

  • Colourful summer 37117DPP fight for life

    A period without inspirations, so... down in the archives... By the way, having to choose between Durans and Spands, I always chose Tears for Fears ;-))

  • Colourful summer 38467 windswept

    Taking this shot I was unaware of what happened in the few kilometers between there and my home; only few trees resisted to the wind's fury; branches on cars and in the midst of the street; avenues covered by half a meter of rain; a real disaster...

  • Colourful summer 38477 old witness


    Nice Mars 2008
    By Pascal


    NICE JUIN 2008 . La photo a été prise juste après un gros orage et le sol est inondé ...... Quand venue de nulle part , une jeune fille arrive à toute vitesse et semble voler sur l'eau ...... Je n'ai pris qu'une seule photo !

  • 12 belles dans la peau

    Je voudrai dédier cette photo à Be Blog a Lula... Dans le style des 60', et à sa culture photo qui nous manque.

  • A morning at the water museum 9072

  • A morning at the water museum 9078

  • Heaven izes

  • Reflet d'usine...

  • DSC 0037

    A trip to the farm yesterday:)
    By JoJo

  • Red Barn

    I shot this last year in the Autumn. This is what it looks like now in the summer.:)
    By JoJo

  • Sunset over Rockport...

    Rockport, Massachusetts
    By JoJo

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