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  • mother we won!

  • the joy is ageless

  • Djúpavatn :o)

    Uploaded this for Begga (Pixie) Sigrún and Gurrý.... Do not like the composition that much but absolutely love the sky :o)

  • east side

  • Happiness

    Yes I know... the focus is not good but sometimes the happiness don't have it :)

  • Rosa

    OLYMPUS E510 +ZD 50mm 1:2 macro

  • 2 years old :o)

    Alexander Hrafn turned 2 on the 25th of June... As we have been traveling so much for the past few months there has not been much time to sit down and organize birthday parties for the little ones - of course we celebrate their b-days but not with HUGE pa…

  • Cap Ferrat

    Cap Ferrat

  • oeil de gazelle

  • Light Show!

    As you all may know by now this is my favourite type of subject but with all this kind of photos a fair bit of work has to be done in the editing stage to get the exposure right on those rays even when using filters! This was taken in Newquay, Cornwall we…

  • Persistence

    One of my favorite shots from Fuerteventura, processed with Gimp

  • Monochrome summer 37286 little jewel

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Canon EF 50mm f1.8... the best you can buy with 100€...

  • Ever Decreasing Circles!

  • deck chairs

  • cliche

  • facing the day

  • The Miracle!

    A view of the Seven Sisters in the early morning! Please visit our new website and tell me what you think of it.

  • Monochrome summer 37297 razor

    I'm still trying to learn to use this lens (50f1.8), something similar to a razor compared with my previous lenses...

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