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  • Awakening.

    I am back, wish you all a serene Easterweek. *************************************** To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and…

  • Eclipse light

    Only just got around to processing this one, taken in a local park during the recent partial eclipse – there was also a slight mist which added to the effect. Nottingham, 2015. © All rights reserved.

  • my favorite combination

    By Marcel

  • visitors

    By Marcel

  • yellow

    By Marcel

  • a big hug to all my ipernity friends!


  • posing for the girlfriend

    (on black :-)

  • Abfahrt

    By nib!

  • Campo di Santi Giovanni e Paolo

    By Marcel

  • up the stairs

  • Yellow

    Just another mobile phone photo from the countryside ;-)
    By Marcel

  • Yellow world

    And another mobile phone shot ...
    By Marcel

  • The guys showing off their muscles!;)

    At my beach. Santos/SP/Brazil

  • dragging their chances

    … up the hill they felt warmth under .. their soles
    By mo |

  • covering

  • Huellas de Vida | Footprints of Life

    Huellas. No se trata de las físicas, sino de esas otras. Las que la gente nos deja cuando se sabe de una profunda sencillez, ... y de amistad. ¡Cabe tanto en la sencillez! Esas huellas, esos momentos, los llevamos impresos bien dentro, en nuestro tan llam…

  • Remembering the daydream | Recordando la ensoñación

    It is the memory, that memory of some lived nice moment, that appears in our mind spontaneously, when we need to breath, that air, that moment. ... that memory ... It is these memories the ones that define to ourselves who we are. Es el recuerdo, ese rec…

  • The long wait | La larga espera

    How many times have we had to wait? Not for people who were late to a date, as these don't really have any importance, but for important things in life. Those that one always wishes or hopes that they arrive. Waiting with hope. Though not only hope, but a…

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