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  • sometimes i'm dreaming

  • glares on white walls

  • darling I hope that my dream never haunted you

  • who's to blade?

  • dizzy

    scanner self photo

  • playing

    Scan and manipulation from the Polaroid pronto!B using 600 film.

  • triplicity.jpg

  • duality

  • ode to a dead camera

    So I went to the store across the street yesterday to get an energy drink, and I saw an image that I thought might look good on a polaroid. I went back to my car and got the Pronto!B. I framed up the shot in the viewfinder, pressed the shutter release a…

  • vhs is dead

  • wild

  • as above - in phases

    Art-o-mat goodness

  • look ahead

    So I had a really bad week. Minor falls and impacts accompanied with headaches and broken treasures. I did get to have a great time Friday night watching a midnight showing of the original Friday the 13th at the Kentucky Theater. A giant WooHoo!

  • at last

    I was able to get some shots of the Art*o*mat at the Kentucky Theater.

  • detention

  • grains

    Manipulation of a shot by kemikore. This shot was taken from his Raw versions. Brushes by obsidian dawn.

  • are you meditating

  • eros

    Manipulation of Tammy

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