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Visitors in Hounslow - Peter Crawford - 2014

Visitors in Hounslow - Peter Crawford - 2014
© Copyright Peter Crawford 2014

As the nights passed the owls seemed to be able to get through the window and perch on the table standing under the window.
It was then that Peter realized that they were not birds but small 'people' (see right), about the same size as he was, but with big heads and very big eyes, and it must have been the eyes that had made him think initially that they were owls – or perhaps they had disguised themselves as owls.
These little people were extremely thin and in the dim glow of the night-light appeared to be greyish in colour.
At first they just sat and stood around, looking at Peter with their huge, dark eyes. Later they started to play and dance around in a strangely stiff, awkward manner.
Initially Peter was terrified, but as the nights passed he realized that the visitors meant him no harm.
Eventually Peter would sit on the edge of his bed and watch the little guys scampering about. Then he would get tired of their antics, get into bed a go to sleep.
Interestingly Peter was never awake when the visitors left.