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  • Lisbon

    Arrived after short flight. Uploaded via iPhone. Can't enable comments.

  • entered

    acrylics, dust, leaves

  • colours

  • Solaris

  • window

    acrylic on cut up newspapers

  • The Garden of Earthly Delights

  • The Kiss

  • Wintereisse

  • Here

    HERE Here a house, a gate, a pitcher, a well, a fruit tree, a window…here. Here olives and figs, apples and mint, pomegranates…sweetness. Here markets and shops and schools… Idlib, Homs, Aleppo. Here. Here bullets, here shrapnel and glass, here twisted…

  • wall

    Dilapidation is a welcome, the rubble carpet rolled out, the guest room readied. Each stone baked in the oven, each brick burnt in the hearth, a table of wildflowers set, a cubist chair. A black dress swaying in the breeze, a white shirt hanging at the wi…

  • Tamata

    At the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon, Tilos. astery-of-saint-panteleimon-in.html A wide variety of images may be found on tamata, with the images capable of multiple interpretations. A heart may symbolize a pr…

  • sickle

  • a drop of light

  • 1987

    Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation Co. (1895). Some things they carried. Anchors, acorns. Blood, in casks. Collars, dog. Dripping, in tins. Earth, red. Fish, dried. Gravel, tarred, for paving. Horses, dead. Incubators, complete. Jute, for paper. Kn…

  • Feather

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