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  • Sparkle!

    I was late arriving for the fireworks and didn't get the best spot, so a few of my shots had streetlamp glare, but I had a dry place to stand, a pocket full of chocolates and a camera in my hand, so it was good.

  • Getting ready...

    These five pics are from bonfire night, but a day early since bonfire night was a school night so the big displays were mostly the night before. Bonfire night itself was reserved for garden fireworks, which the entire neighbourhood seemed to have. I wen…

  • Full of crackle

    I love bonfire night. Fireworks are a brilliant invention :)

  • Stickman in Peril - Be Cautious!

    There were several stickmen here, all failing to apply proper caution in matters of safety, and having a variety of slips and falls. You don't usually see so many in a cluster.

  • Happy bird!

    A selection of pictures of one very happy woodpigeon taking care of a few elderberries the sparrows missed.

  • You May Be Straight But You Don't Look It

    "You may be straight but you don't 'look it.'" A postcard addressed on the other side to Mr. Oscar Donaven, Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., and postmarked in Philadelphia in 1907. This postcard features a punning illustration of an apoplectic fellow who do…

  • Once Extinct? But not any more!

    They should try that on the dodo too. ----------------- So I am 'Back-to-Basics'. My membership has run out, most of my pictures and several albums have become inaccessible. But I see the latest news is that more stuff has been signed, more hoops jumpe…

  • How Is This for High?

    "How is this for high? Farmers' National Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa." A postcard addressed on the other side to Blair Echard, R.R. No. 2, Duncansville, Pa., and postmarked Jan. 23, 1912. Handwritten message: "Dear Buz, We are stepping high in Pittsburgh, as y…

  • J Street

  • The little bank that could

  • Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop

  • I'd like to rope you for my Valentine, pardner!

  • It may be the same old yarn...

  • "Quite horsing around" and be my Valentine!

  • consider the glove

  • Pansies' Playtime

    A colorful Victorian-era advertising trade card for the Standard Sewing Machine Company. Stamped on the other side: "Horace Brillinger, Emigsville, Pa." Standard Rotary Shuttle Sewing Machine The highest priced lock stitch machine made. But the cheapes…

  • I Don't Know Where I'm Going but I'm on My Way!

    An anything goes - free choice photo for the Vintage Photos Theme Park. I'm not sure of the origin of this souvenir "Ocean View" photo, but I have to chuckle over the carefree smile on this woman's face as she pretends to zoom her speedboat over the fake…

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