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  • CL&P 4.8kV - Harwinton, CT (Mutual Aid)

    I came across this on Route 222. I have never seen a setup like this before! I've got to wonder where that strange post insulator is from.

  • CL&P 13.2kV- New Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Now here's a weird mutual aid messup--a fiber glass ridge pin! CL&P always used steel ridge pins instead of this dinky toothpick stuff. UPDATE Pole has been replaced as part of a ground-up line rebuild.

  • CL&P 13.2kV - Torrington, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Now this pole's a big mess! Up on the pole extension, two phases are each mounted on a ridge pin and a metal chicken wing bracket. The other phase is on a toothpick bracket down below. What confuses me so much about this pole is the fact that it's on jus…

  • CP 4.8kV - Burlington, CT (Mutual Aid)

    If you look real close, you'll see that one end of the crossarm got busted off, likely when a tree fell on the lines, so the utility who came in to repair it stuck a new insulator on a ridge pin.

  • CL&P 4.8kV - Burlington, CT (Mutual Aid)

    This MUST have been mutual aid. Neither CL&P nor HELCO would have ever put this up.

  • CL&P 13.2kV - Thomaston, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Linemen from Pike Energy Corp. put in a new power pole here and patched up the line in the aftermath of the October snowstorm.

  • CL&P 4.8kV - Harwinton, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Here's another old pole (a very short one!) on a 4.8 kV single phase line on South Rd. in Harwinton, CT. lt got a new crossarm and insulators after a tree fell on it.

  • HELCO 4.8kV - Manchester, CT (Mutual Aid)

    The crossarm on this early HELCO 4.8 kV pole broke and split on the ends, so CL&P (or whatever mutual aid contractor was working) decided to use the remaining intact section of the crossarm to mount some new insulators.

  • CL&P 4.8kV - New Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    I'm not even going to try to understand this mess. An updated view of this pole:

  • CL&P 4.8kV - New Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Looks like they've found a new way to use the crossarm! After standing like this for over a year, this pole is ready for replacement.

  • CL&P 4.8kV - New Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Here is an oddball from mutual aid--note the fiberglass "toothpick" bracket instead of Connecticut Light & Power's usual chicken wing bracket. Updated photo from 2013:

  • CL&P 4.8kV - Litchfield, CT

    This pole was put up by another utility when they came to help out CL&P restore power after a recent major thunderstorm. Maybe UI?

  • CL&P 4.8kV - New Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    CL&P's grid has been contaminated! Original photo from 2011:

  • HELCO 4.8kV - East Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Here's a good way to fix a busted crossarm--just chop the ends off and put in new pins!

  • CL&P 4.8kV - East Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Can you see what's wrong with this picture? The mutual aid contractor recycled the entire original crossarm, its braces, and an amber glass insulator to go with it. They even screwed it onto a wooden pin! Basically recycled everything but the pole itsel…

  • CL&P 13.2kV - Thomaston, CT (Mutual Aid)

    I've been meaning to photograph this pole for a while now, ever since a mutual aid contractor rebuilt the top crossarm with mismatched insulators and wooden braces. But I just couldn't resist the urge to photograph it today, seeing that a transformer bank…

  • CL&P 13.8kV - Oxford, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Looks like NYSE&G took a dump on CL&P's grid and left this crap behind.

  • CL&P 4.8kV - Danbury, CT (Mutual Aid)

    Looks like a mutual aid contractor had some fun over here! At least they put up a nice pole with some small insulators. Only out-of-place thing is the spacing of the pin-holes in the crossarm.

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