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Power Lines

Posted on 07/20/2013

Photo taken on July 20, 2013

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CL&P Campville 14R - Harwinton, CT

CL&P Campville 14R - Harwinton, CT
Here's the other main transformer in the sub. It steps 115kV down to 16/27.6kV Y.

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David Dahle
David Dahle
Any clue as to the make? Looks like this one is delta-delta unlike the other one.
5 years ago.
Power Lines has replied to David Dahle
I think this transformer's delta-Y since there's that single bushing 16kV can on its outgoing 27.6kV line. But you never know--I have seen a 2.77kV single bushing can hooked phase-to-ground on a true ungrounded 4.8kV line before. (And it was on a cap bank too, now that I think about it!)

I think this can's got a neutral terminal, but it's hiding behind the steel I-beam supports for the buswork in this picture though.
5 years ago.
Chetlaham has replied to Power Lines
^^^ All of the 115kv to 27.6kv transformers that Ive seen on CL&P's system (then again I have only seen a few) are 3 winding: wye grounded primary/wye grounded secondary with a 4.8kv delta tertiary that looks like at one point was used to run the 4.8kv ungrounded delta systems near the sub. Interestingly the only one that I know of that is still running at 69kv is just like the above but has the 69kv primary configured in Delta: www.flickr.com/photos/68258471@N08/8461966063

My guess was that at one point all of them had delta primaries when transmission ran at 69kv, but were reconfigured to wye-grounded when it was changed over to 115kv. Like this the same transformer could be re-used without needing to install a new one.

As for the neutral terminal it may be bonded internally to the can as with single bushing pole top units, so no neutral bushing. When one orders a wye connected transformer you have the option of either having the neutral bonded internally to the tank or for flexibility having it brought out via insulated bushing in case its decided at any point to run the system ungrounded or to ground the neutral through a resistor/reactor.
5 years ago.