• Rapid Bay

    The drive down to Rapid Bay takes you on a winding road through the hills near the coast. Every so often you get to look down to the sea again.

  • Rapid Bay Jetty

    The closer jetty is the new one. This was a popular spot for fishing. The longer one behind is the old jetty. All the fish life lived under this one. Underwater jetty photos will be of the old jetty.

  • Sparkles by the coastline

  • Clear water

    This is pretty shallow, but gives an idea of just how good the visibility got over the weekend.

  • Sparkles on the water

  • Time to build a new jetty...

  • Stairs leading down to the water

  • Young magpie perch

  • Rainbow cale

    Seen on the seagrass meadows near the jetty. The fish were really good at hiding in the grass. Like watching animals vanish into the jungle.

  • Seagrass meadow

  • Jetty pillars

    With day 1's great visibility it was very interesting to look back up to the surface. Like swimming in a sunken temple.

  • Gurnard perch

    A large and striking fish with huge eyes. Not sure if this one is sleeping or sick.

  • Leatherjackets over seagrass

  • Wrasse

    I think this one is a 'pretty polly'. It's described as being highly variable in colour though... This little green fish had great fun darting in and out of the grass.

  • Where toilets go to die

  • Unidentified leatherjacket

    Or something similar like a boxfish

  • Starfish

  • Leafy seadragon pottering in seagrass

    This was our second dive. I had used up my strobe batteries on the first dive, so only spent a few minutes watching this spectacular animal.

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