• Swiss National Museum

  • Mural on Swiss National Museum

  • Turrets at the Swiss National Museum

    The museum looks like a fairytale castle. However it was undergoing quite a bit of building work and it wasn't easy to get a photo of the towers and turrets without a large crane in the way.

  • Looking down the Zurich River

  • Zurich Observatory

  • Bahnhofstrasse

  • Augustinergasse

    This little street was a nice gateway into a maze of little streets with offbeat shops and restaurants.

  • Fountain near church, Augustinergasse

  • Flowers in the pool

  • Saint Peter's Church

    Stands out clearly when you look down the river.

  • Bunnies

    Not sure that these were actually made of chocolate, but a very nice display.

  • Fraumunster from river

  • Bridge to the Fraumunster

  • Grossmunster

  • Waterbirds on Lake Zurich

    There were a few waterbirds on the river, but their numbers increased sharply after the river fed out into a lake.

  • Swan on Lake Zurich

  • Grossmunster window

    In a nice change from stained glass, this window had coloured rocks.

  • Rheinfalls from the coach stop

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