Shingleback lizard

Mutawintji NP: Day 1

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  • Shingleback lizard

    Drove out to the park at midday and the road was full of shingleback lizards, but it wasn't easy to stop and photo them. The lizards were less keen on the dirt roads but this animal was out in the open.

  • A look back before safety

    They appear slow and ungainly but these lizards had no trouble reaching the grass before I could get out of the car.

  • Emus

    The road to Mutawintji was full of emus. As soon as you passed one flock there'd be another crossing the road ahead. With no other cars on the road it was like an emu safari.

  • Emu and chicks

  • Scampering chicks

  • How to identify kangaroos...

  • Purple

    Spring in Mutawintji meant fields of purple. This flower covered the plains.

  • Purple clumps

    Within the fields there were larger plants that looked like they had the usual flowers but in a clump. Maybe they just hadn't opened up properly.

  • Purple crown

  • Velvet potato bush

    A slightly wilted specimen, but more colour in the outback.

  • Possibly a silvertail bush

  • Unknown spring flower

  • Possibly a close-up of the silvertail bush

  • Bone dry

    Nice to come across a traditional Australian creek. This was at the start of the Western Ridge walk.

  • Gullies on the Western Ridge Walk

  • A taste of the desert

    It was a bit surprising that very little of Mutawintji (or the landscape on the road in) was like this at all. For desert, look elsewhere. Mutawintji was much more about plains and meadows, with lots of grasses and bushes.

  • Plains and ranges

  • Looking back from the ridge

    You walked out through the tree-lined valley, hauled yourself up the rocks to the ridge, the walked back along the top. There were views on both sides but this side had fewer trees in the way.

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