• A good start

    We got to the park gate for a 5am start. We drove through the gate and found two large elephants eating trees. Mostly too dark for the camera but this one isn't too bad.

  • Kudu

    I had not seen a kudu before. A very impressive animal.

  • Impala grazing

    There are many impala in the Kruger park. Which in some ways is a shame because we tended not to stop and watch them very much.

  • Impala were easy to see because many herds of them grazed close to the road. But they tended to walk away when we came close, making it hard to get a photo of their faces. We were lucky enough to see some of the animals jumping around - wonderful to wa…

  • Guinea fowl

    Also quite common

  • Lion

    We saw a lion on our first drive but this was the only sighting. I think there were two lions in this bush. They were a long way away.

  • Rhino

    Our first White Rhino! We saw many more, mostly walking behind the small bushes. So we were very lucky to find one in a clearing.

  • Rhino runs off

    Even though our car was a little way off the rhino got up and hurried towards the scrub.

  • Rhino pause

    ...but it stopped briefly to check that we weren't going to go away.

  • Hippos in pool

    We had seen some hippos on a sandbank from our lodge the night before but they were a long way off (could only really make them out through binoculars). These had ducked into the water before deciding we weren't threatening.

  • Our morning drive was with a ranger, who wasn't great. He said that we should go on because we would see lots more hippos. He seemed to think that the number of sightings was most important, rather than spending some time just watching the animals that…

  • Wildebeeste

    Four or five of these seen through the bushes.

  • Giraffe

    Near the wildebeeste was a giraffe eating the bushes. We saw a lot of giraffes in Kruger park. There were lots of bushes so I guess lots to eat.

  • Bird

    I'm not very good at identifying birds. This is a Brown-Winged Bird. It might be a cuckoo. I can't remember now.

  • Very large elephant

    This was a very large elephant that was very close to our car. It started off behind some bushes and I asked it to come out and have its photo taken. And it did, by coming right up to the car.

  • The elephant approaches

    Our ranger asked if anyone wanted him to take them out to the elephant so that they could have their photo taken with the elephant. I think that this was a joke. It was hard to tell. Certainly when someone genuinely wanted to take him up on the offer h…

  • The elephant retreats

    The animal started to show real interest in our car and the ranger needed to rev the engine quite a bit to discourage it. We didn't get charged, though. The elephant wasn't worried by us and stayed close to the car, eating the brush.

  • The elephant munches

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