Tofo, Mozambique - The Manta Ray set

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  • Lionfish

    Seen at the start of our return to Manta Reef.

  • Mike with lionfish

    The lionfish didn't move much. This led to quite a few times when I had a sharp reality check and realised I was very close to an extremely poisonous fish.

  • Manta Ray!

    About halfway through our dive Mike started pointing. When I turned I saw this magnificent animal flapping towards me.

  • Manta fly past

    There are two versions of what happened next. My version: I sort of goggled in mid air, pulled out the camera, messed around with it to take off all the zoom and tried to get a photo. I was then pulled towards the manta by the current cos I wasn't tryin…

  • Manta flapping past divers

    We soon saw another manta. This time I made sure I didn't scare it off and settled down on the edge of the cleaning station (a purple coral reef) to watch it play in the clouds of little fishes. The downside is that I didn't get any photos of it. Lat…

  • Manta heading on into the blue

  • Camouflage fish

    Our boat had a second air tank for each of us on it. Our boat was sat above Manta Reef where we had just watched the mantas cleaning. So we had as brief a surface interval as we could and went straight back down onto the cleaning stations. On the way I…

  • Manta looking into the camera

    The mantas were still on the reef. And they were quite happy to come up to us and swim straight into the camera. They did quite a bit of somersaulting too but I I found it hard to hang on the reef and take photos with one hand.

  • It's coming straight for us

    Mouth is closed

  • Manta flapping below me

  • Michael with dive boat on Tofo beach

  • Lizard fish

    Another camouflage fish, but this one was named properly for me. This was our third dive of the day at a site called Mike's Cupboard. In an irritating oversight there are no photos of Mike diving Mike's Cupboard.

  • Sergeant fish

  • Big eye

    of some sort.

  • Peacock Grouper

    Not nearly as big as the potato grouper but an impressive fish nonetheless.

  • Peacock Grouper 2

  • Moorish Idol

    There were many of these but they didn't stay still.

  • Guitarfish

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