Bora Bora (1)

Flying into Bora Bora was fantastic. We'd flown past a couple of nice islands, but this was wonderful.

Bora Bora (2)

It's quite hard to know what you could do to make this place look more inviting. The colours of the water promise so much.

Bora Bora (3)

Shame that someone had attacked the plane window with a knife, then.

Bora Bora (4)

The landing strip is on a Motu on the far right of the island. We flew past, did a sharp about turn and managed to hit the landing strip. Which, although doubtless of a similar width to landing strips everywhere, looked very missable with a lagoon on both sides.

Manta Ray

This ray was seen from our hotel at the dive resort. They had some underwater lights and a ray came and flapped around next to one for a while. This is quite a good one of the Manta Maw, used for hoovering up plankton. More mantas later...

Hibiscus at hotel

(Maybe; I'm not good with plants but I think this is what it said in the book)

Bungalow at hotel in Bora Bora

We were actually very close to the lagoon.

Restaurant and pool at hotel

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