This magnificent animal is a type of gibbon. It seems to have an inflatable throat that allows it to make a wonderful call (louder and throatier than the Bornean gibbon but still recognisable).

Siamang in thought

Siamang roar

You can see the throat inflated just as the animal starts to call.

Siamang in flight

As always, gibbons are at their best on the move.


Beneath the Siamang's trees was a small river / pool where a gharial lived with some waterbirds.

Golden pheasant

Treetops habitat

The home of the Siamang and the gharial was the nicest area in the zoo - a mini rainforest set on the edge of a reservoir. Not sure how they manage to keep these animals captive!

Siamang in tree

The siamang is the black blob on the centre-right. Through the stream is a large reservoir. On the way to the zoo I saw two large eagles flying over the water. The reservoir is surrounded by areas of forest - there were monkeys playing by the road.

Sheep or possibly goat

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