First hall of Agra Fort

The outer shell of Agra Fort is made of red sandstone. And appears reddish pink. Particularly in the print, although less so here. I haven't got many photos of the outside of the fort - it was just too big to fit in. Probably the best photo of it would be taken from the Taj Mahal, but it was too misty that morning.

Agra Fort's entrance courtyard

Cloister at Agra Fort

Audience platform, Agra Fort

After going through a few courtyards you come to the heart of the fort which is made from marble. Most of it is painted (and the paint has now faded) but some of it is carved into the marble.

Audience courtyard, Agra Fort

The audience would have looked up at the ruler who would have come out of the silver door in the previous photo. They probably wouldn't have looked at the gate.

Sunset over Agra Fort (from Taj Mahal)

Pity about this one - looks like the negative is a bit dirty again. The fort is the middle strip just under the setting sun.

Dad by Taj Mahal

Oh well, it's still not as bad as the infamous straightened tower of Pisa.

Taj Mahal & Mosque from gardens

People kept trying to get me to take pictures of this from under an archway. I prefer the ones from under the trees...

Main gate to the Taj Mahal

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