Chital stag

Bandhavgarh NP, Madhya Pradesh

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  • Chital stag

  • Sambar in waterhole, chital on banks

    The waterhole was just behind the meadow that the tigress was lying in. We drove up to see it & then came back towards the meadow in time to see the tigress walking off. Probably to try and catch these deer.

  • Wild boar (stationary)

    We saw lots of boars. Mostly running away into the forest at sunset.

  • Dad by our tent at Churhat Kothi, Bandhavgarh

    This is our luxury tent (emphasis is on luxury rather than tent). It is basically a shower block with some canvas stuck over a spacious twin bedroom, ie a chalet made out of...tent.

  • Tigress from elephant back, Bandhavgarh (1)

    This tiger was found by the mahouts. They set off very early in the morning and roam through the park looking for tigers. If they find one there is a message left at the ranger station. You drive to where the elephants (& tiger) are and board the eleph…

  • Tigress from elephant back, Bandhavgarh (2)

    This was a sleepy tiger, but one of these two pics is definitely going on the wall.

  • Pythons disappearing into a hole

  • Young macaque

    Bandhavgarh has largely the same animal life as Kanha with a couple of exceptions. They don't have the gaur, but they do have macaques.

  • Collared macaque

    I don't know why this macaque is wearing a necklace. It doesn't look like a radio tag. It'll be bows and coats next.

  • Owl in tree

  • Tiger crossing stream (1)

    This large male was found using the 'Tiger! Tiger!' technique. He was inventively known as B2. We saw him walking through the grass, being followed by one of the mahouts. Our guide said that we should drive on ahead to get a good position at a point wh…

  • Tiger crossing stream (2)

    Our guide was spot on - he knew the tiger was patrolling its territory. The tiger got to the stream and waddled across (apparently it normally jumps, but it'd just eaten something and was too fat). Unused to waddling, it slipped and sprayed water about…

  • Blinking tiger

  • Langur in Tree

    Quite a rare sight. Langurs were normally to be found sitting by the road in the dust. If one happened to be in a tree, it would usually make every effort to scurry down, cross 20m of ground and hurl itself across the road just in front of the jeep. Oc…

  • Slow boar

    must cross road...must cross road...

  • Boars in bamboo forest

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