Psycho Hamster's photos

  • Millstream Falls (3/3)

  • Millstream Falls (2/3)

  • Millstream Falls (1/3)

    Seen on the way back from Undara.

  • Youngster in the forest

  • Female alone

  • Bouncing around

    The youngster was worried and did little hops away and back to mum.

  • Assessing the situation

    The last (close) kangaroo sighting. The mother was quite comfortable, the little kangaroo much more skittish.

  • Controlled hopping

  • A walk along a branch

    Lorikeets walk surprisingly quickly and this one was soon lost in leaves / flowers again.

  • Green wings

  • Colours of the lorikeet (2/2)

  • Colours of the lorikeet (1/2)

  • Hopping off (2/2)

  • Hopping off (1/2)

    Not caused by me for once. The kangaroos just wanted to be somewhere else. They had been playing around in the next piece of grass and then just decided to hop.

  • Slender arms

  • Two kangaroos and a termite mound

  • Bouncing

    This morning's kangaroos were very accommodating, but sometimes I got too close and they'd do a short hop away.

  • Among the blooms

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