April Snow on the Moray Riviera!

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April Snow on the Moray Riviera!

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06 Apr 2013 89
Using Redfield Fine Touch Filter and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

The Pond Garden

05 Apr 2013 94
@ 6.30 p.m. on an April evening from the top of the hill field -the pond is entirely hidden by the surrounding contours from the gaze of passers by.

A snow-free Moray!

05 Apr 2013 129
7°C here - Snowing in London...

Traditional Scottish Farm Steading in Moray

It's called a bird bath, because birds bathe in it…

05 Apr 2013 175
Blackbird going through his morning ablutions. They queue up for a warm bath on a cold morning!

Blackbird having a vigorous bath!

The Missus appears to have done a bunk...

05 Apr 2013 108
- his, not mine!


04 Apr 2013 97
www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Eurasian_Treecreeper ( www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Eurasian_Treecreeper ) When you first spot one of these, you think you caught a glimpse of a mouse scampering up the trunk of your trees - haven't seen them on the feeder before - they are generally rather elusive, although these ones seem to have settled in the trees planted in our pond garden, and have lost their fear of me.

Bluetit on a clematis


The Royal Bengal Takeaway - Nairn High Street

04 Apr 2013 104
One wonders what the original owner of this large house on the high street with such a splendidly ornate facade, would make of finding a takeaway and coffee bar in his front rooms?!

Sky Delights, Nairn

04 Apr 2013 108
A treasure trove of organic foods, and gluten-free products on the Nairn's Leopold Street.

Let me show you your new home...

04 Apr 2013 107
Mallard pair settling on the pond. By early May, there were at least six ducklings in evidence...

Greenfinch - summoning up the courage to land on t…

Fort George - The new Colours

01 Apr 2013 77
- presented by HRH The Prince Philip on March 26, 2013 - in the Museum's Dining Room.

British Summer Time begins today - GMT + 1

31 Mar 2013 92
Designing a polystyrene "lightbox"

British Summer Time begins today - GMT + 1

31 Mar 2013 84
"Designing a polystyrene "lightbox"

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