- and the sun goes down.

Ipernity Nos 0001-2000

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- and the sun goes down.

Moon reflections

More winter night skies

More winter night skies

More winter night skies

More winter night skies

Some very cold crab apples!

Panasonic DMC TZ-60 Zoom lens capability

06 Dec 2016 129
The TZ-60 comes with a Leica lens, and the 35mm equivalent of a zoom from 24mm to 400mm. My criticism of this camera is that it the lens extension component is rather fragile, prone to jamming with the slightest specks of dust, and it has been to the camera hospital three times in the few years since I bought it for my wife. (It is used almost exclusively by me, however!) Provided it is treated with a great deal of care and protection it makes an excellent travel camera - a grade or so beyond simply point and shoot. A distinct drawback is that the battery can only be charged within the camera...

New moon over frosted fields at dusk

Winter sunset over frosted fields and pond

Winter sunset

Sunset over frosted fields

Winter's long shadows at noon...

04 Dec 2016 1 89
At its maximum at this time of year the sun is only 10 degrees above the horizon at noon.

Who is to say that ponies don't enjoy watching sun…

25 Nov 2016 5 2 137
Fred watching the sunset

2016 11 25 sunset-3

2016 11 25 sunset-2

2016 11 25 sunset

Starry, starry night: The Milky Way galaxy

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