Posted on 01/30/2014

Photo taken on January 30, 2014

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Pentacon 50mm f1.8

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1/12 - Nova - Bow Down

1/12 - Nova - Bow Down
Meet Nova, he's my 14 month old Border Collie pup. Well, not so much a pup anymore, but we still call him that. He's been growing out really nice and I just can't wait to see him when he's 3 years old and he's grown up properly.

I'm having a hard time photographing Nova. With Storm it just comes easy, he always looks happy, he always looks beautiful. When Nova was just a little puppy he was quite impressed by the camera, but thankfully it has gotten a lot easier.
The hardest part is manually focussing on Nova. I think it's because his eyes are surrounded by a lot of dark fur (whereas Storm has a pretty white face, compared). Sometimes it's like I just can't see Nova's eyes through the viewfinder. And when I think it's sharp, and I press the button, and a picture pops up that's totally not sharp, well I tend to get really frustrated after a while. So this picture is not as sharp as I would've liked it to be, but it's as sharp as it gets for now! And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Other things with Nova is the colors. It was really hard when we just got him, but it's gotten easier as well. But this time as well, I'm missing some crisp colors and honestly I think it just looks a bit pale. But it was the best I could get out of the photograph, and as said, I'm pretty happy with it!

I just love to photograph the dogs in a bowing position, and I had never taken one of Nova this way. So that was my personal task this month. I did think about the theme and I had a great idea for Nova, but I couldn't pull it off. It involved Agilty, as our new beginning this year is Agility. I practice and compete in Agility with both my boys (well, Nova is only just starting to learn, but oh well). We've been doing pre-Agility with Nova and we have gotten a couple of basics down already. He's picking up very quickly and he totally loves it. So much so, that he tends to get a bit out of control (hyper active). But we're training on that and we're managing - he's still pretty young so I'm not worried.
So why couldn't I pull it off? Well, first of all I'm the one running and training with him, so that makes it quite hard, and secondly I didn't want to interrupt or stall the lessons because I HAD to make a photograph. With the manual focus thing I usually have to take my time and it just didn't feel right.
Apart from the agility idea I notice I seem to have lost my creativeness completely. So much so that I ended up with a similar photograph for both my boys this month (not intended!). I will try to do better next month though.

A small notification for those who are in the 12 Months group on Flickr as well as Ipernity. I'm in both the groups but I'm just doing one project for both sites! So you will see me uploading the same shots!

This photograph has been taken with a Pentacon 50mm f1.8

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so cute. love the enthusiasm in his face.
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