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  • For all of you whose Earthly Purpose is to spend your days looking up pictures of fire hydrants on the internet, here's a 1983 Waterous for ya.

  • "We'll have you voted out if you can't get these powerlines buried," the dainty American rich crying that their aesthetics are being brutally violated by utility poles.

  • A picture of the noticeable differential between the respective widths of the Tanglez storefront and the Tanglez awning.

  • Welcome to the Ohio River; to Schooner's; and to the straight white cables of the 31st Street Bridge.

  • Dead remains, fenced-off and not, in a homey setting.

  • Huntington, West Virginia, favorite urban floodplain of Guyandotte River.

  • Cutter victim. Its wide-open sky is a gritty street.

  • As a photographer I was proud that I was able to catch the brief wintertime sunlight just as it was shining into the troughs formed by the adjacencies of the yellow concrete barricades.

  • Off-white roadside inflatable stand-up picture frame.

  • Latticework of porch of tarpaulins; yard decorations.

  • "Exercising caution to the passing wind" or something.

  • Rolling up to Nida's Therapeutic Massage.

  • The storefront of "EZ-EE Storage" in Huntington, West Virginia.

  • Site-specific art of 1977 longplayer "You're the Only Dancer": Jackie DeShannon, in bowl-bangs-down-to-her-eyebrows, poses wearing a white blazer with nothing underneath.

  • Gouging itself with an ice cream scoop. Unusual "tinsel merkin" idea.

  • Trudging to CVS again.

  • Sand dune landscape of the construction site of an "O'Reilly Auto Parts" biz, across the street from an existing "Advance Auto Parts" biz.

  • Home sweet 304!