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  • Rainbow array of Sunday newspaper coupon supplements: These things are weekly mini-tours of contemporary currents of American thought.

  • 3 colours' worth of "Aaron can handle stress better but Amber can hula hoop so there."

  • Another plastic bag is graffitied and ruined inside and out.

  • Makin the sack be part of the pavement!

  • The trees are beginning to upheave their surrounder grilles.

  • Q: Hi, I wonder if you can help me out, I know I've got some kind of an appointment but I can't remember who it was with or what time it was at, I've been trying to do too much shit all at once and I must have lost the piece of paper.

  • "Loaf of '11" / "The '11 Shelf."

  • This is the story of the maidservant who dumped way too much black pepper into her bossfamily's thanksgiving potatoes.

  • The chainlink is no longer threatened.

  • Blow-and-plow job.

  • "We shall scratch up all to hell the corneæ of all who dare to approach our gas meters."

  • Go over there and hug it and I'll take your picture.

  • The idea of trotting your fruit-flavored ipad to a urine-scented bus stop shelter outside the Best Western in downtown Minneapolis, to linger there with it for awhile.

  • Supposedly cones of frozen yogurt will be moving in across the road from the Cremation Society of Minnesota's urn billboard.

  • I'm around this neighborhood often enough to know that this sign is a new addition to Minneapolis; it was painted in 2010.

  • So now we've come to the end of the E Lake Street Taco Bell.

  • A gnawed-at old wet sofa is pressed in between an off-white clothes dryer and a lineup of roly 2103 garbages. Two doors' worth of a lineup of green garages are blocked by a roly wooden trailer. A man descends an outdoor staircase.

  • The memorable '10-'11 winter, remainder of Minneapolis snowpack as of May the 3rd.