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  • Genuine great deadliness!

  • Upheaval of land when a tree falls over.

  • Unfortunately we can't all of us live in Yellowstone National Park!, but here's the view I'd like to have from my deck.

  • A mural of tan-colored clouds against a beige-colored sky. A style of lightpole I feel like I hardly ever see any more.

  • Careful placements of rippings-open and shreddedness, up and down the fronts of royal blue Slimming Pants, are starting to show up in the shopfronts.

  • Unidentified poisonberries that drop from trees in early January, of all the peculiar times of year for that to happen.

  • The kinds of quiet days I enjoy in the kinds of residential neighborhoods I enjoy. Except for all the cold.

  • Famously inflated roof of R & R Automotive in south Minneapolis at the intersection of East 41st Street and South 43rd Avenue, with its exhibit out front of lawn mowers & snow blowers & snow throwers & weed whackers & wheed wackers.

  • Example of southern west-central Delaware style of architecture.

  • To cruelly taunt young trees with threats of putting the guy-wires back to 'em.

  • Yellow vaguely-question-mark-shaped public art idear.

  • Welcome to bituminous insurance.

  • Jawdropping ritziness & chichi of this old gold.

  • Could everyone please refrain from putting your shoes up onto the walls, it's making our area seem trashy.

  • Here is a McDonald's in Las Vegas, but listen to my $$ idea for the McDonald's corp: An all-you-can-eat VEGAS BUFFET OF McDONALD'S FOODS in Las Vegas. Americans would love it and it would be a huge tourist attraction.

  • Basketball fans!

  • Hairdo idea.

  • Hairdo idea.