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  • Touchdown lightning strike of superstructure of bridge infrastructure.

  • How come the 5th Street Bridge hasn't got a Wikipedia write-up about it.

  • Downtown Livingston Montana attractive arrangement of modest bldgs.

  • A picture of a basketball player!, in face paint!

  • Hubba!, shapeliness and blackheartedness of figurative mural painting effort.

  • When I'm out walking I need to not get so hurried to move past the boring new dwellings as fast as I can that I forget to sidestep the pole hazard of cautiontape trips and bruises/gouges of shins.

  • Today you'll find us dongin' on down to Dongo Tool, in warm autumn sunshine.

  • This one's called "A Different Corner." It shows the famous 1993 architecture of the might of the Luxor Las Vegas casino hotel.

  • From which point I admire the U.S. Bank skyscraper in downtown Oshkosh!

  • Patterened sheers and dead roses and sack of bloody meat.

  • Looking out towards the sounds of flowing water.

  • Rotten old filthy dirty old plastic bucket of ice & foil.

  • Gorgeous thing; adorable huh!

  • Foreground McDonald's parking flowerbed, and ever-threatening encroachment of savage area beyond.

  • Of all of the tulip poplars in the city of Welch, West Virginia, this one's my favorite because of the hope that it shall literally symbolize a future massive tree upon its site.

  • I'm trying to decide whether I like this architecture & this landscaping!, what's your opinion.

  • A single internet photograph cannot be incongruous to itself, so there's nothing incongruous to see here.

  • This one depicts the city of Anoka, Minnesota, and it's called "Landscapes for Lifestyles."