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  • A shrub of a plantbreed that over the years has come to be super-heavily and ultra-widely used in U.S. landscaping projects at gas stations and motels — because people love how it looks!

  • Behold he cometh all over the parking lot, in the forms of shapes of motor oil drippings from cu$tomers' cars.

  • A picture of a Pontiac Parisienne!

  • The feelings of appearances of Kmart lonesome aisles.

  • Q: What has Pepsi got to do with any part of this procedure.

  • Albuquerque fur maintenance and storage; I wouldn't've thought there'd be a need for fur storage in Albuquerque because the residents wear their furs all year around?

  • USERS OF OUCH SMOKE, old caked layers of letters so old nobody can remember them.

  • The erythematous congregants are wildly aflame. They know how to worship harder and faster than everybody else.

  • Appalachian application of old downhome justice for desperate crimes; indoor unfoldings/unravelings of painfully sad stories.

  • To refer to dancing as "The Dance" might embarrass potential customers away — er, students, I meant to say, not customers.

  • Backwards imperative sentence, at you and your cokes.

  • A small city-on-a-hill looks out across a vast Tree Grille.

  • One of the gloppy wet snows that draw tourists to Yellowstone Nat'l Park in late-May because they don't want winter to end and they dread the arrival of springtime.

  • Grow a pair of Las Vegas toweringly tall streetside Arecaceæ / Palmæ twins in a shadow of a building.

  • Organic forms of flowing water or windcurrents or those kinds of things were an inspiration for the sensuous curves of this smalltown parking garage architecture possibly.

  • 3 big floors of "Maybert House," upstairs residences of Northern West Virginians in the town of Hundred which was named for a centenarian man.

  • Probably the musicians' labor union offices in all of the midwestern cities sport signs as prominent as the sign on the one in Davenport Iowa.

  • May pride swell forevermore the bosoms of the residents of the city of Strawberry Point, Iowa, when they see the world's largest strawberry out in front of their ultramodernistic City Hall.