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  • "...and startled there a shabby pioneer woman, crouching beneath a train trestle."

  • Always with the unceasing "thunderousness-thunderousness-thunderou sness" of these monster F-600s out bigfooting up and down the roads.

  • North-central North Carolina, comfortably-settled Piedmont Landscape.

  • "Well I'm a bustin up this here staircase is what I'm doin."

  • Some scraps of misc at the bottom of the frame of a photo of a county courthouse and its portalet in the U.S. South.

  • Noise & exhaust of barrelling semi trailerload of bacon strips & scrambled eggs with buttered grits & buttered biscuit.

  • "Bring a couple of the restraints over here, this one doesn't want to behave."

  • It is trees that are what will lead us into finding ways to learn how to develop personal appreciations for these kinds of architectural surfaces.

  • Ha ha, skinny white lady: "I am reading a newspaper! I am reading a newspaper!"

  • A view upon some of the famously orange dirt of the Piedmont region of the southern U.S.

  • You're supposed to kill-your-own-meat at the AT&T concertina wire, and then old Stavro's'll cook it up for ya.

  • Evocations of word associations!

  • A door's worth of "USA Today" newspaper pages from way back on March the 28th, 2004, as viewed on June the 2nd, 2011.

  • Ceiling showcase lighting of frightening pentagram symbolism and indoor chainlink and browned newspapers and red pickup & purple carpeting.

  • Pictorial works of downtown Burlington North Carolina; picture of jambox with tapedeck.

  • A new staircase downtown, to launch you up the dirt embankment, onto the streetlevel and beyond.


  • Christmas time means cookie fever!

  • Lineup of 6 green seahorse segments, to decorate a smalltowner's idea of a ~1980 family-room-fireplace.

  • Ophthalmologists dislike optometrists but for now let's set all that aside how about.

  • A Subway restaurant logo!

  • This one's called "Almost a Corner."

  • Patchwork of miscellany of entryway.