Tim Kiser

Tim Kiser

Posted on 05/13/2012

Photo taken on January  6, 2012

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built-in refuse incinerator
built-in incinerator
refuse incinerator
East 25th Street
25th Street
Whittier neighborhood
south Minneapolis
Kerner Incinerator Co.
Kerner Incinerator Company
U.S. Patent 2125517
firing door
incinerator firing door
incinerator door
Herbert Nichols
Herbert E. Nichols
Kerner Incinerator
metal door
Minneapolis-Saint Paul
rusty metal
brick wall
Minneapolis-St. Paul
rusted metal
January 2012
Twin Cities
Hennepin County
Minneapolis Minnesota
Hennepin County Minnesota

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This old Kernerator I saw.

This old Kernerator I saw.
With thanks to the "Google Patents" service you can walk around town with your smartphone and read the patent abstract of every patent number you encounter. Google Corp is infamously antiprivacy so worry about that, but anyhow:

This thang was invented by Herbert E. Nichols in 1935 and represents a claimed "improvement in firing doors" for refuse incinerators -- a solution to the "considerable difficulty ... encountered in obtaining the desired combustion of refuse contained within the combustion chamber of built-in types of incinerators, particularly those installations which attempt to burn the refuse without the aid of auxiliary fuel."

"The present invention has primarily for its object to solve the foregoing difficulty by provision of an exceedingly simple and inexpensive incinerator firing door, so designed as to provide controlled and directed jets of air, for both primary and secondary combustion of refuse."

I love Old English!

In 1938 the U.S. Patent Office awarded its 2,125,517th patent to Mr. Nichols's foregoingly-described invention. Mr. Nichols later went on to co-invent, in the early 1960s, "an improved surgical sponge or absorbent pad which may be readily detected by postoperative X-ray in the event said sponge is inadvertently left within the wound cavity of a patient during surgery."


In south Minneapolis on January 6th, 2012, on the side of an apartment building in an alley between Nicollet Avenue and 1st Avenue South, south of East 25th Street.


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TD796 Incinerators—Pictorial works.
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F614.M56W45 Whittier Neighborhood (Minneapolis, Minn.)—Pictorial works.
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