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Tim Kiser

Posted on 10/12/2010

Photo taken on July  4, 2009

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Buffington Island mound
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ancient Indian burial mound
ancient burial mound
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July 2009
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Rising elegance of mound-shaped earthwork of the vast Pre-Columbian Age. Kept mowed, w/ two chairs.

Rising elegance of mound-shaped earthwork of the vast Pre-Columbian Age.  Kept mowed, w/ two chairs.
The Buffington Island Mound's got a staircase so you can go up top and get a view of the picnic area.

It was the site of a famous U.S. Civil War battle in the year '63, and I wonder if there were any Rebel Survivors. U.S. Confederates were bad for humanity. Their bad ideas were anti-person.

I shall quote aloud from the decentest website I could find upon the topic of the mound:

The Buffington Island Mound is a large, conical burial mound located along the Ohio River in Meigs County, Ohio. It is typical of mounds known to have been built by the Adena Culture (circa 800 BC-AD 100), but the cultural affiliation is not known for certain. The mound is 20 feet high and 125 feet in diameter at the base.

Although it was dug into at some point during the early 19th century, no report of what was found is known to exist. The mound was restored in 1931. Currently, it is part of Buffington Island State Memorial.

But who the hell knows whether that's trustworthy information. Sometimes people on the internet are nuts!


In Portland, Ohio, on July 4th, 2009, a burial mound on the grounds of the Buffington Island State Memorial along the west side of State Route 124.


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