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The Wait

The Wait
Soon,soon when you come back
these flowers will have grown into her mouth,they will wind themselves down into their lungs and swallow the oxygen she was supposed to

I will wait.I promised you I would wait for 200 years.
I cannot read
the numbers on all these calendar pages.
According to them
you should come back tomorrow.But if
if you did I would hear your heartbeat by now.I always hear your heartbeat when you are a few steps away.This way you can never run away from me , dearest.I will hear your heartbeat as the nearest, closest sound within my ear shell
(ssssh..not even mine is as loud as yours within
within my head,you hear?)
You will come back.
Meanwhile I have learned to sit still ,dearest.
All traces of a nervous schoolgirl have vanished.Now I don't even brush off the flies that land upon the back of my hand and stare at me
I stare back ,dearest.
I stare into each one of their eyes
until they dare not breathe any longer.
Because who should disturb
this ceremony of waiting for you
who in this world would dare.
Meanwhile they have nailed wooden planks to my door
Meanwhile I think they start to tear this house down
But I will wait as this window in the position that you have left me
With my back towards the door
Not look back
Never look back or you will believe that I was too unpatient to wait.
But you will come back.I know it.I watch these streets carefully to be prepared.
You will come
and gnaw yourself back into my body.