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  • Eyes Closed

    Oil on canvas panel by Cindy Moon McKee Oleopentraĵo.

  • DSC1918

    By Jakvo

  • DSC1897

    By Jakvo

  • Metamorfosis - Serie de Craquelados

    Metamorfesis Oleo sobre bastidor 40 x 40

  • Persistir

    Oleo sobre tela 1 mt x 1 mt

  • 1986-10-10 J-ecrire-un-réve web

    J´ecrire un réve (von 1986) - Aquarell - 40 x 50 cm

  • 2014-06-01 L´eau-de-vie web

    L´eau de vie (Lebenswasser, Liquid of life) - Aquarell - 35 x 45 cm


    Renkontiĝo en Kultura Centro de San Paŭlo.
    By Ĵajro

  • Falinta folio

    By Lenke

  • artemiasalina000

    L'artémia salina vu à la loupe, de face l'animal ressemble à un "alien" et de profil à une crevette.

  • two friends ready for a boogie night

  • Amuzo por junuloj kaj maljunuloj!

    Tri homoj iras el kinejo: maljunulo, mezaĝulo kaj junulo.

  • Looking up

    Oil on canvas of man looking up. My blog:

  • burma 2

    burma 2 acrylic paint on wood 19" x 14" the meaning of this painting: " i saw her standing in the road holding her dead child. her village traditional make-up made her shimmer in the sun. i had never seen anything as beautiful as burma gleaming like g…

  • UEA

    Oil on canvas. Playing with my new script liner brushes. Subject, white homeless man.

  • Vincent van Gogh from his self portrait. Pencil (15 x 22 cm)

  • deer in casein

    My 1st try with casein paint (I mixed casein binder with water-mixable oil paint, actually). I made the casein binder. I think I got the mix a little too watery, because I had only seconds to brush the paint on. Kazeina farbo (farita de kazeo + borakso)

  • chief

    I made this out of scrap glass, so the color choices aren't great; had to cut the width of the copper foil greatly and solder very, very carefully around the parts of the eye

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