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Eye of The Dragon

Detail really can be seen large/black.

What Do You See?

The thing I love about abstracts is that other images often appear with in them. Check it large. :)


A smile for you Pam. :) I often wish I had the flexibility of a feline!

Hmm ...

The Sunday Challenge For This Week: Abstract On Black (new image this week please) Have fun and look forward to your creative postings! Shows well on black and large. PIP shows the piece of Aum Bay Glass from the Isle of Wight. It used a new picture taken today without the background to develop the abstract.


The sandbox is closed as we clear out the remnants of the holiday season. Nice job this week but then that's what we have all come to expect of each other ! Thanks for your creativity and photographs. :) Worth a look large and on black.

Seemed Like A Good Idea

The Sunday Challenge: Bad Purchase Did Santa bring you something you wanted, or something you didn't? Your challenge is to show us the present you liked the least! If you didn't get any presents at all,you can do Marj's suggestion Take a picture of a bad purchase, or something that is useless but can't part with it Had to go with bad purchase. When I ordered this sweater I liked it & while I still like the looks of the sweater, I don't like the way it looks after wearing it for a few hours! Sleeves…

If A Frog Becomes A King ...

Hard To Explain

Hard to explain this image but that's how I feel about the year 2018, difficult to relate to with so many troubling events, yet there were rays of sunshine as people got married, new babies were born, the sun rose in the morning giving us glorious sunrises and at night those lovely sunsets, new friendships were made, old friendships renewed and we found things that made us smile and realize we have so much to be thankful for. So as we close out 2018, we have closed The Sunday Challenge to get ready for a…

And The Beat Goes On

Another year and ready or not it is fast approaching. In spite of the confusion and drama around this world, let's strive for our own personal sense of peace and civility. May 2019 be one of health and happiness for you and your family & friends. Shows well on black/large.
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