• "Troubadour castle" in its green settings

    Le château "troubadour" dans son écrin de verdure, appelé le "château de la Roche-Bagnoles" de style néo-renaissance (1856), c'est l'actuel l'Hôtel de Ville de la commune de Bagnoles-de-l'Orne en Normandie.

  • Noces en grande pompe...

    The church Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais was built in the 11th century under William the Conqueror and consecrated in 1134. It has been recast several times over the centuries, especially in the 15th century during the 100 Years' War, and then after the bom…

  • Cloister of the former Cistercian "White Abbey"

    Situated nearby Mortain in South Normandy , it was founded in 1105.

  • View from the inside to the outside

  • Divine lightbeam in the abbey

    Lonlay Benedictine abbey was founded around 1020 and had 4 major construction phases: 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th centuries. 2nd Pip : hearse from old days, exhibited in the church

  • Fortified chapel

    As it stands, St Remi chapel (12th century) is an interesting example of a fortified church, rare in this region. The tower includes machicolation and bartizans whose construction was undertaken around 1350 by the English occupier who feared for his safet…

  • Whispering water of the little fountain

  • THIS is in Normandy??

    Yes it is: the GRANDE CASCADE in Mortain

  • Normandy's Rocky Mountains...

    La "Fosse Arthour" à Saint-Georges-de-Rouelley

  • Invitation for a stroll around

    La "Fosse Arthour" à Saint-Georges-de-Rouelley

  • Open space chapel

    The chapel of Saint-Antoine in the middle of the forest with its well of wishes: the tradition is to leave a cross made with branches there to see the wishes becoming realized.

  • Path of a stone avalanche

    The "Gorges de Villiers", an extraordinary wild and rugged landscape in the Andaine Forest (Normandy)

  • Bonvouloir-Tower and its amusing story:

    Having left an aged steed in the Andaine Forest, Hugues, Lord of Tessé was surprised to see some days later his messenger coming back to him, cool and vigorous. Intrigued, Hugues mounted the horse which drove him to the sources of Bagnoles, where the old…

  • Little witch house in the forest? No, it's Ste Geneviève's Chapel!

  • Winter seascape (Hacqueville Beach)

  • Never ending beachscape...

  • Mussels, shells and other surprises on the beach

  • Norman styles mixture...

    Mélanges de styles dans les vieux quartiers à Alençon.

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