• Icarus' flight

    PIP: l'Aiguille creuse, la Porte d'Aval et le soleil couchant

  • HFF for Arsène Lupin....

    Etretat où l'esprit d'Arsène Lupin rôde toujours... PIP: LAiguille creuse et la Porte d'Aval. Regardez aussi cette video sympa sur "les traces d'Arsène Lupin"

  • Erquy's beachscape

    PIP : when the sea recedes, it offers a different view

  • Sea - sun - lighthouses

    PIP: at our last visit it was low tide and the fishermen were going into the sea with their cars!

  • Scarlet rubber boat, red point on the beach

    PIP: les falaises au soleil du soir

  • Covered fence with drying fishing nets - HFF

  • In the middle of a quaint village

    The old pier and the Lieutenancy in Honfleur/Normandy

  • Close together: houses and boats at Quai Ste Catherine

    Honfleur is especially known for its old, beautiful picturesque port (Vieux Bassin), characterized by its houses with slate-covered frontages, painted many times by artists, including in particular Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet forming the…

  • Above the cliffs near Kinsale

    Côte sauvage 'Old Head" près de Kinsale

  • Great seascape: Kinsale's cliffs

    The "Old Head" of Kinsale was formed by differential erosion. An outcrop of hard sandstone is lodged between two layers of shale. The shale is eroded by marine action at a faster rate than the sandstone. The sandstone anticlines were much more resistant t…

  • Douces collines vertes d'Irlande

    The gentle green hills of Ireland

  • Very bright - the French coast disappears

  • Petite chapelle sur son rocher

    Little chapel on its rock

  • Idyllic Roscoff harbor at low tide

    Port à marée basse au soleil du matin

  • Exotic greetings from Bretagne...

    Le jardin exotique de Roscoff présente environ 3500 espèces et variétés de plantes originaires de l’hémisphère sud. Flâner près du bassin peuplé de poissons rouges, de la fontaine nichée au creux des fougères arborescentes ou écouter le bruissement de l’…

  • Marée basse dans la baie de Morlaix

    Morlaix Bay at low tide

  • Yachthafen hat Boot verloren....

    Marina has lost a boat

  • Never ending beachscape...

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