• They all ran away, but I made a photo first!

    We were sitting under the old yew, and suddenly it hissed: it was this wonderful grass-snake...

  • Je ne suis PAS déguisée!!

    For MICRITTER : Caterpillar "Little peacock by night" --- Raupe Saturnia Pavonia (kleines Nachtpfauenauge)

  • Service de remorquage pour un gendarme (fire bug)

    Abschleppdienst für eine Feuerwanze...

  • Greedy for blackberries!

    Gourmand de mûres

  • New Life for a caterpillar...

    The perfection of the "Peacock of the Day"

  • "Don't move, I arrive"!

    Bouge pas, j'arrive...

  • Space for rent (the cicada came out)

    Espace à louer (la cigale est sortie)

  • Ailes diaphanes

    Diaphanous wings

  • "If you approach, I'll bark" ;-)

    Si tu t'approches j'aboie ;-)

  • Petite butineuse...

  • Dandelion - seen otherwise

    Yesterday in my garden, first messengers of spring...

  • Heart of a tulip

    Watching closer a bouquet of tulips...

  • Can someone guess what it is??

  • Winter lace (spider web covered with frost)

    Dentelle d'hiver - toile d'araignée couverte de givre / Winterspitzen - vom Frost überzogenes Spinnennetz