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  • Fusion..............Gdynia,Poland.

  • Prauge............Czech Republic.

  • Forgotten Rose Bud...

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    On The Way To LandAcre--Somerset

  • Nuremberg

  • Menorca

    Alaior, The Santa Eulalia Church by night

  • continuons à nous promener ...c'est l'été

    By UKEO


    By UKEO


    Fleur de l'arbre Pompadour , vue au jardin botanique de Strasbourg . Voir la note . clic sur la photo pour voir en grand format .

  • Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira

    Quinta da Regaleira The Initiation Wells (AKA initiatic wells or inverted towers) are two wells on the property that better resemble underground towers lined with stairs. These wells never served as water sources. Instead, they were used for ceremonial pu…

  • Ferns

    Cyathea cooperi is a medium-to-large fast growing tree fern, up to to 15 metres (49 ft) in height with a 12-inch (30 cm) thick trunk. The apex of the trunk and unfurling crosiers are particularly attractive, covered as they are with conspicuous long, silk…

  • ~ Butterfly ~

  • ...Bonjour à vous suis de retour...

  • ...paysage du Mercantour...

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