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  • Krypta, Dom, Salerno

  • Stinsford Church

    St Michael's Church, is a place of pilgrimage for visitors from all over the world who enjoy the novels and poetry of Thomas Hardy. The thirteenth century Church is where he was baptised and is the model for Mellstock Church in "Under the Greenwood Tree".

  • Kingston Maurward House

    The present mansion was built by George Pitt, cousin of William Pitt the Elder, between 1717 and 1720 on the estate brought to him by his second wife Lora Grey. The mansion was in red brick, but after derogatory comments from King George III, Pitt clad th…

  • Happy week end my friends

  • IMG 8551-feuilles de badamier

    Le badamier (Terminalia catappa) est un arbre fruitier de la famille des Combretaceae. Il peut atteindre une vingtaine de mètres de hauteur. Originaire de Nouvelle-Guinée, il s'est naturalisé dans de nombreuses régions tropicales. On le trouve sous le no…

  • Diorama at the Mowing Museum

  • un bel exemple de cohabitation ......

    SI L' HOMME POUVAIT S' EN INSPIRER ........ en milieu ouvert !!!!

  • Bon dimanche / Happy Sunday!

    Pulstatilles / Alpine anemones Merci pour tous vos commentaires et visites ! Thank you for all your comments and visits!

  • Picnic Table with a view

    From the viewpoint at Bealach Ratagain looking towards Morvich and the causeway that carries the A87 road across Loch Duich, to the right of the image a part of the Five Sisters peaks can be seen. Large if you please A beautiful view deserves beautiful…

  • Handbrake On HFF

    For anyone visiting the area this is an experience not to be missed, this was taken just before boarding. The ferry crosses the notorious Kyle Rhea straits to the Isle of Skye it has a six car and twelve passenger limit. At peak tides speeds of over 10k…

  • Transport écolo...

    “Sans l'invention de la roue, les coureurs du Tour de France seraient condamnés à porter leur bicyclette sur le dos.” De Pierre Dac

  • Bernina Bahn im Bahnhof von Tirano

  • Rotes Haus an der Bernina Pass Strasse

  • Les Colobes

    ( /uploads/2016/01/colobe-.pdf)

  • Le temps des cerises

    J'aimerai toujours le temps des cerises : C'est de ce temps-là que je garde au coeur Une plaie ouverte, Et dame Fortune, en m'étant offerte, Ne saurait jamais calmer ma douleur. J'aimerai toujours le temps des cerises Et le souvenir que je garde au coeur.…

  • Holcombe Bridge (181)

    The Kennet and Avon Canal.

  • Very friendly on bridge 177 :)

    Along The Kennet & Avon Canal.

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