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    Happy serene healthy weekend:) The Baroque style Casino del bel respiro and Baroque gardens at Villa Doria Pamphilj

  • For C.

    Today is my first grandchilds BD:) stay safe and healthy. ❤️ **************************** 9 in numerology has a meaning and vibration of its own. 9 aligns with Universal love, Universal Spiritual Laws, Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment, Service to…

  • Amaryllis in orange... ©UdoSm

    IP S1 Z7 23-05-20 Sie blühen nicht nur zu Weihnachten...

  • Deserteurdenkmal (PiP)

    Opened in November 2015 "Gedenkort für Deserteure und andere Opfer der NS-Militärjustiz" was created by sculptor Volker Lang. The words are from the radioplay "Deutschland 1944", a collage of citations by Helmut Heißenbüttel. The memorial stands between…

  • The Weeping Window.

    Poppies: Weeping Window By Paul Cummins Artist And Tom Piper Designer. Poppies: Weeping Window is a cascade comprising several thousand handmade ceramic poppies. The display is currently at the Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on Trent until the 16th Septem…

  • Spring...

  • Alsterufer

  • On the skyline. 119/366 From my window 7/50

    Up briefly at sunrise this morning and caught the first rays of sun on the side of Falkland hill giving everything a rosy glow. After that back to bed I'm afraid and didn't waken till nearly nine o'clock. I've fallen into lazy mode, something I do easil…
    By Jean

  • The vantage point. 120/366

    It's an overcast chilly day with rain forecast so I'm glad I had my walk early. I met a couple of people in the village who gave me slightly puzzled looks. I look more like a tourist taking pictures with my camera than a resident. But it's good. I'm notic…
    By Jean

  • The harvester. 122/366

    Not an auspicious start. I got up at six-thirty planning to walk, looked out of the window at the cloudy overcast sky and went back to bed. Clearly not going to wash my face in the morning dew. Woke at eight-thirty more in the mood to get up.. By the tim…
    By Jean

  • Long shadows. 123/366

    Up and out early on a sunny morning. Didn't see a soul. Then back to strip the bed and start the Saturday washing. Went out to bring in my bin and ended up chatting to Emma. I haven't seen her for nearly a week and was glad to hear that Courtney's infecti…
    By Jean

  • Campion. 124/366 (Week 18 April 29th - May 5th)

    A pleasantly uneventful day. Very much a day of rest. I was hankering to go for a drive. Wondering when it would be allowed. Then I remembered that one day I might have to give up driving and my present life would be permanent. This wasn't a cheering th…
    By Jean

  • Cactus flowers. 125/366

    I meant to go for an early morning walk today but I didn't. It was overcast and cloudy. However I made quite a lot of progress on the housework front which was cheering. Made some adjustments to my online grocery shop. I'm trying to cut down a bit on comf…
    By Jean

  • Diagonals

    Treated macro of my wife's coffee mug. The pattern is piano keys in black and white. For Macro Monday

  • Weidenjungfer (Lestes viridis)

    aus dem Archiv geholt für MacroMondays 151 4th May 2020 - Diagonal lines/ diagonalen Linien/ des lignes diagonales. Dazu auch das PiP

  • M-M-...diagonal....4 mei 2020

    Macro monday diagonaal

  • diagonal

    naeheres siehe pip

  • Schräg! (4xPiP)

    Monday Macros #151 am 04.05.2020 - Thema: Diagonale Linien

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