Haggis Chick

Haggis Chick

Posted on 01/06/2008

Photo taken on December 31, 2007

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Haggis Chick
not really behind bars
just sitting in my daughters cot with my sons handcuffs
sad I know

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Behind bars - Haggis Chick

Behind bars - Haggis Chick
I'm about to say

"I'm proud to say I have NEVER been behind bars" but you know when you get the heebie jeebies and once you say something that's never happened to you sure as cats shite it will happen!!!!!!!!!

Although I was once taken home in a police car when I was about 5 for stealing an ice pole from the local garage. I remember the woman saying "can you open your jacket please" and I replied stupidly by saying " I can't I'm too cold"!!! How dumb was I? "No much wonder she said with all those ice poles down there"

Anyway as you know I haven't had the best start to the year, I'm due back at college tomorrow and guess what? Ritchie gets a sickness bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and can I just say the handcuffs aren't mine ;-), my little boy got them from Santa!

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Scab... Ange & Démon... ♀
Scab... Ange & Démon…
Bonjour Haggis Chick, je suis un administrateur du groupe Scab... I prefer .... Nous serions heureux que vous ajoutiez ce document dans notre groupe. Merci !
9 years ago.
Hi Chick,

I probably missed a thing or two about your start to the year (I did have a crappy end of the year), but this is excellent work again. I'd prefer not to see the upper frame of the cot, you probably could fix this with PS (I know you could ;)

The lighting is awesome.

Seen in chick-haggischick home page (?)
9 years ago.
Haggis Chick
Haggis Chick
Thanks SCAB

LOl @Oddur

@Tiny - Sorry to hear you had a crap end of year kiddo! Hope all is ok. Yeah I know it did cross my mind at the time, I might re-edit and repost ;-) thanks for the comment x
9 years ago.
Haggis Chick
Haggis Chick
@Clarence :-))))
9 years ago.