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Der Teddy

*on black*

noeud douceur

press z

Street portrait




HFF! Auf ein klasse Wochenende in Braunschweig


Road to Tupiza (PiP)

Viewpoint over Rio Tupiza on RN 14 (1st inset). A bit further on they were working on widening the road- the diversion was through the river bed (see insets). Nowadays the days of gravel are gone- RN 14 is asphalted all the way to the border at Villazón/ La Quiaca. HFF everybody! I'm off to Braunschweig, will be back commenting next week.


Alma Mater by Samsung Galaxy A3

Oben links im Türmchen der gediegenen Bonner Uni residieren die Gralshüter der Deutschen Sprache. Mit Blick aufs Siebengebirge. Bonn university houses in the old castle. HFF!


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