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Mexiko im Blumenkasten


και αισιοδοξούμε...!


Dalheimer Mühle

Schwalmtal, Wegberg, Niederrhein, NRW


There are moments in life that you will never forget again....

.....fortunately there are cameras where you can keep such moments.


...Nectaroscordum siculum... © All rights are reserved world wide. None of my photographs may be reproduced and/or used publicly without my written authorization. Please contact me via ipermail if you would like to use any of my photos.Thanks for looking…

Gedanken auf Papier

*on black*

Le cadeau du dauphin Si vous pouvez sentir l'amour et la joie que j'ai mis dans cette image...j'ai réussie à atteindre mon but :-) L' amour ce n'est pas le sacrifice, c'est le don. Et qu'aurez-vous à donner si vous n'avez aucune joie de vivre ? La merveille et l'obscur (1991) ~ Christian Bobin

At the Hermitage 2015

This is my attempt to recreate the iconic photograph "At the Hemitage" (see note) by Boris Ignatovich eighty five years after the original has been taken. Ignatovich was a member of the Russian Avant-garde. The picture is part of a series he took in 1930 in Leningrad, today's St Petersburg. Unfortunately I did not have the original picture with me, so that the perspective is different. The original must have been take from a lower angle and a bit further to the left. Ref: StPeteresburg 220615 030
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