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Kolur Week - Tabbies

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cat s-anakin mister-furs

Cat_S's Anakin and Mister

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KateM's Tabs

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KateM's Tabs and heart-kitty Ferdie


KateM's Tabs

maryh-big robert

Maryh Cookie's Big Robert Of course I must include Big Robert. He was dumped here and needed us. We needed him too; we just didn't know it until we met him!

maryh-cloudy golden-framed

Maryh Cookie Here is Cloudy. She's been diagnosed with hyperthyroid and gets her medication as a gel smeared into her ear twice a day because she hates taking pills. She lived in our house as an indoor-only feral, seldom seen or heard, for several years but came out and became a sweet tame kitty!! Her Uncle Golden is in the background. I liked the way she framed his head in this photo.

maryh-ms streak

Maryh Cookie This is Ms. Streak. She and Golden and Autumn are siblings. She is really sweet and has the softest fur of any cat I've ever petted. Also, she's Big Robert's "Gurrrlfrend." Ms. Streak made by her mom, Kalli Ko, one of our heart-kitties.


Inklooded pic takenified by me. Poster naym: jd Kitteh naym: Lord Blueberry Halfastash teh Froth Okkupayshun: CEO ob Blueberry Internashunal, makers ob fyne imbizibul kitteh 500 raycing cars. He races in teh Halfastash team, which regularly wins by a whisker.


Maryh Cookie's Autumn Cookie sez: What color is Autumn? She has Tabby head and face stripes and some stripes on her body as well as leg stripes. She isn't a calico because she has no white, but she is bi-colored. I think she's called a Patched Tabby but I don't really know. Autumn, who got her name as a kitten because she was the color of autumn leaves, isn't telling!! (answer: Autumn be a tabby if her sez her be a tabby!)
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