Posted on 07/12/2006

Photo taken on June 24, 2006


pirate bride and groom
bambi the mermaid queen

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Bambi the Mermaid with the Pirate Bride & Groom

Bambi the Mermaid with the Pirate Bride & Groom
There are several stories here! First is that of Bambi the Mermaid, a Burlesque performer who some have called the "Poster Child" for the Mermaid Parade. Bambi had the honor of being Queen of the Parade this year. The major story here, however, is that the Pirate and his Lady (pictured on either side of Bambi), whose names are Joe and Jen and who were married toward the end of the Parade. When I took their picture, just before the Parade began, I had no idea who these people were. But I heard the brief marriage ceremony (couldn't see, too many people) and the female Reverend declare, "By the power invested in me...I declare you man and wife." The Parade narrator then added that he'd never seen so many pirates as this year. The story of how this first-ever Mermaid Parade wedding came about is here ; it was also reported in the NY Daily News.
Finally, there is MY story. There I am with tons of male photogs and their multiple cameras, swarming around Bambi and some of her Burlesque-performer friends, whose upper bodies are covered only with pasties. Along come the Pirate Bride and Groom, interacting with Bambi. The photogs are all excited and, just as I'm taking this shot, one of them sticks his shoulder into my viewfinder... The good news is that I was able to save it, as the Parade was beginning and their was no chance to do another. Also, strangely, it allowed me to post a picture of Bambi and still be family-friendly!