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10 May 2020 45
slide limiter loop in bright orange dyneema


13 Apr 2020 19
large mesh front pocket, side pocket to accept two 1-liter pet bottles, other side two pockets of lesser length


13 Apr 2020 16
pack-only mode, bear-can removed and pack extended over the whole packframe, stabilizer straps have several attachment points for different pack heights



13 Apr 2020 13
packframe in bear-can mode, pack reduced to about 2/3 of height, adjustable by roll-top closure
27 Mar 2020 12
Pack closed
27 Mar 2020 8
pack opened. Back pocket with frame loop visible.
27 Mar 2020 6
back pocket open, frame loop clearly visible
27 Mar 2020 6
frame loop almost completely pulled out of pocket
27 Mar 2020 5
frame loop. Joiners smaller tubing inside, squashed lightly for friction. Larger tubing outside, secured with tape. Might as well stick it together with some epoxy.
27 Mar 2020 8
wooden model used for the bends


27 Sep 2018 26
cowboy camping with a full load of water for the next two days "on display"


08 Mar 2020 13
feels pretty good so far.


08 Mar 2020 17
the fabric back gets laced to the frame, the bear canister strapped to the frame


07 Mar 2020 13
a fabric back with straps and a sleeve for the hipbelt


07 Mar 2020 10
the frame alone is 10/12mm dia anodized aluminum and weighs 200grs.

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