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  • U Are The Greatest - Thank A Billions

    This shot is specially dedicated to all my friends & fans on the net & flickr for the Visit, Favor, Comment; Inspiration & encouragement. You are the greatest. I always appreciate your everything. This is also tribute to My late Mom's & Sister Irene.

  • My Only SunShine!!

    This little Butter Cup is only 2CM the Max diameter. I have taken it at my yard. with the sun over the top. I used a white paper tower as reflector to reflect more light at the front. Wind speed is 12mph. 100shot within 2Hours. I am very happy with t…

  • Pollen Lover

    This shot was taken at the Shi Ku Niang Shan, Xiao Jing County, Sichuan. It is taken without tripod nor Mono-Pod. Remember when taking life subject's, always focus on the eye. Many experts' may think that the blur of the wings..etc is no good. However…

  • Entering The Dark Age!!

    This NaNo Art is Dedicated To All The Photographers & Artists On This World!!