Entering The Dark Age!!

This NaNo Art is Dedicated To All The Photographers & Artists On This World!!

On a Hot Afternoon

This is a Macro project. The black background is using a Nylon netting.

Romance of Dan & Rose

This is a NaNo Project. Enjoy.

Palm Flowers

NaNo Paradise

This is another NaNo project. Can you tell what kind of flower is this?? The lights & Grow really make this outstanding

Loving Couple

This is another NaNo project of mine. It is an abstract Macro art of this flower. You also see the lights reflection on the bottom left. The blue tone is due to the skyline horizon on the far back of the flower itself. Anyway, with 2 slipped discs & be able to take this abstact NaNo shot is not as easy. This is a great achievement.

Sunset Reflection

This shot was taken under 15miles an hour of winds, altogether 30 shots in 45 minutes. The best that I pick here. Enjoy.

Thinking of Jedi

This is pink jasmine NaNo The sun lights were at an angle. Very Unique colors. I love this!!

Between 2 of US

This was taken at the Huntington Library before its rain
18 items in total